Simon Middleton

Author, speaker, brand advisor, mentor, entrepreneur.

One day that could change everything

Transformational courses for your business - and your life

I offer one-day courses based on my books which can help you to make dramatic and positive change in your work, your business, and your life.

They're informal and fun, but packed with content and designed to make you think and to make real change.

Brand New You

An intensive and exciting day during which you'll discover the real meaning and potential of your 'personal brand'. This isn't a course about firm handshakes and smart CVs, and it's not a course about 'asking the universe'.

This is about you taking control of your personal narrative by applying the disciplines of branding to you as a project. You'll build on your real strengths, find your authentic sense of purpose, and create a compelling and empowering 'brand new you'.

Suitable for any individuals wanting to make real change in career or personal life.

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Build A Brand In 30 Days

An exciting and powerful 'crash course' to transform your start-up or established small business. You'll learn the techniques applied by some of the world's greatest brands and how to apply them to your own enterprise.

You'll learn why brand isn't about logos and advertising but creating a story which excites audiences and commands loyalty. And you'll learn why even the smallest business can make a dramatic impact if it gets its brand story just right.

Suitable for entrepreneurs or managers in small enterprises or start ups.

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Mentoring support

I offer personal mentoring support to help ambitious clients make real breakthroughs in reaching their business and personal goals.

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